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When carrying out cleaning activities, sometimes dust and dirt often gets scattered when sweeping. This condition will be made worse when the weather is windy and makes the house become dusty more quickly. This will certainly make cleaning the house take longer, because you have to collect all the scattered dust so that the house looks beautiful. Using a vacuum cleaner will help you clean dirt and dust at home without worrying about it flying around. The dust and dirt that is sucked in will collect in the device's disposal tank. You just have to clean the tank regularly every time you finish cleaning the house. OBJECTIVE: Our products are made from recycled cans so as not to pollute the environment. METHODOLOGI: cut the lid of the can with a can cutter, the base of the drink can is sharpened using sandpaper until it comes off, then measure the cable tie according to the circumference of the can. Then attach the cable tie with the net using a glue gun. Insert the cable tie into the can. After that, cut a place to place the switch on the body of the can. Connect the switch wire to the battery and motor wires to enable the vacuum to work. Use the other can to draw two outer and inner circles to make the fan. Then the finished fan is connected to the gear using glue gun, then insert it into the vacuum body. Measure and cut the lid of the medicine bottle to be used as the face of the vacuum. Attach the tin ring and the net to the vacuum base. Make a vacuum handle using an ice cream stick and attach it using a glue gun to the vacuum body. Finally, decorate and test the vacuum. CONCLUSION: Our products work perfectly to reduce allergies and asthma because they can suck dust and dust in the environment and found in tools, materials or other items. Asthma sufferers have airways that are sensitive to certain inhaled substances. This is called hyperresponsiveness. It causes inflammation.