BI130: Silk Cocoon Hydrogel Wound Cover.

Potcharabongkoj Wongvisittragool Varee Chiangmai School

MIIX24 | Beginner Innovator

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In everyday life, injuries from activities like sports and accidents necessitate proper wound care to prevent skin bacterial infections. Current medical practices employ Hydrogel, known for its water-absorbing properties, expediting wound healing and retaining moisture. Unfortunately, burning almond leaves found in India in Deep Asia, rich in bacteria-inhibiting tannins, for fuel contributes to pollution. Sericin, extracted from boiled cocoons during wood fiber production, has unique properties like a pleasant scent and collagen-stimulating abilities, aiding faster tissue restructuring for wound healing and retaining moisture. The production team aims to develop a hydrogel wound dressing using sericin from cocoons and almond leaves found in India, specifically targeting fungus and bacteria inhibition. Experimental results reveal that Hydrogel, utilizing sericin from cocoons and almond leaves found in India, effectively closes wounds with an adjustable elastic band. It retains 9.22% water, with gel contents of 8.48% and 83.80%. The hydrogel inhibits bacteria growth, with a median inhibition area diameter of 2.13 ± 0.0251 cm. Its effectiveness is measured at 77.58% compared to Vancomycin 500 µg/ml.