BI204: SkySentry


MIIX24 | Beginner Innovator

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Effective management of clothing drying processes necessitates accurate monitoring of environmental conditions to mitigate the impact of adverse weather events. In this study, we present a novel rain and cloudy day detection system engineered to optimize clothing drying efficiency and minimize weather-induced damage. The system architecture integrates precision rain and light sensors with a microcontroller-based control unit, enabling real-time data acquisition and analysis. By employing advanced signal processing algorithms, the system distinguishes between rain and cloudy weather patterns with high accuracy, facilitating proactive decision-making in clothing drying operations. Utilizing advanced CAD software, the enclosure's design incorporates features such as weatherproof seals and mounting provisions for seamless integration with the rain and light sensors and microcontroller unit. Material selection, including considerations for durability, thermal conductivity, and UV resistance, is meticulously optimized to withstand prolonged outdoor exposure and maintain operational integrity