BI214: AKSARA: SEC-Based Nusantara Language & Aksara Conservation Application


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Regional language culture in Indonesia is lagging behind in the era of globalization due to the times. Indonesian regional languages are starting to disappear because many Z generations prefer to master foreign language cultures rather than their own culture, especially in the use of language. Therefore, in overcoming the above problems, the research team from MAN SIDOARJO proudly presents a project entitled AKSARA: Search Engineering Collaboration (SEC) - Based Nusantara Language & Aksara Conservation Application This research project will use a method with an instructional development cycle model based on application development and surveys. The instructional development cycle includes the phases of Analysis, Planning, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation, and Revision. The location of this research was conducted in Man Sidoarjo, East Java Indonesia and at the researcher's home with a time design for approximately 3 months. As a first step, the researcher selected 20 samples of AKSARA application users with the population including languages, namely Banjarmasin, Balinese, Gamkonora, Javanese, Javanese (N), West Javanese, Javanese Ngoko, East Javanese, Kaili, Madurese, Papuan, Papuan Lani Tribe, Sundanese and equipped with Balinese and Javanese characters. Keywords: Regional language, Backwardness, Era of globalization, Application, AKSARA