BI227: Healthy Living With Keloevera Tea

Endang Sari P. Nababan, S.Pd., Gr. Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu

MIIX24 | Beginner Innovator

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This video with the title "Healthy Living with Keloevera Tea" is an alternative solution to the problem of fulfilling nutritional adequacy. The scope of the experiment is in the form of innovations in the field of Food Technology involving the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Moringa leaves and aloe vera contain high nutrients, but their use as food ingredients is still low. The combination of Moringa leaves and aloe vera skin can be used as a health drink product. This video shows how to use plants in the surrounding environment, namely Moringa leaves and aloe vera to be processed into tea and to find out the community's acceptance of Keloevera tea which is presented in the form of a diagram. There is also a qualitative vitamin C test experiment to prove the truth of the presence of vitamin C in tea. Organoleptic tests were carried out to determine the public's acceptance of tea products. Vitamin C itself is useful for increasing the body's resistance, so it is needed to ward off various types of viruses.