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CoFFeecoal is an organic charcoal product that is made from a coffee grounds. The Study show that the percentage of coffee lovers today is quite high. Research has shown about 65% of Malaysians aged 15 and above drink coffee regularly. Brewed coffee produces coffee grounds that will usually be thrown away and these problems will increase the disposal of solid waste from year to year. Therefore, this initiative is carried out to produce organic charcoal products using coffee grounds. This product has several advantages of its own. The first is being able to provide business opportunities to housewives and teenagers by making and selling the product because it is easy to prepare. Next, the cost of raw materials to produce this product is very low because the main ingredients used are coffee grounds.In addition, this product can wastage that can increase environmental pollution. Furthermore, conventional charcoal produced from mangrove trees will cause many trees to be cut down. Therefore, producing this product can reduce the felling of mangrove trees.