BI281: SwineGuard Pro: An Advance Environmental Monitoring And Mitigation Sys

Synde Kryztelle Divine Kaye A. Duhac Surigao Del Norte National High School

MIIX24 | Beginner Innovator

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SwineGuard Pro, an IoT FarmBot, monitors and manages the environment of pigs, despite global climate change. SwineGuard Pro is a cutting-edge environmental monitoring system for pig farming, ensuring optimal conditions like temperature, humidity, water temperature, and feed level for 8-week-old domestic pigs' health and performance. The system will provide real-time data visualization, assist in addressing environmental factors, and integrate sensors for monitoring and mitigation. Researchers programmed a project for SwineGuard Pro, a real-time monitoring and mitigation system. SwineGuard Pro is an integrated solution for monitoring and controlling environmental variables affecting pig health, using sensors and mitigation systems to maintain optimal conditions within the Thermal Neutral Zone. The project involved programming, quality control, and compatibility testing. The TTGO TCALL ESP32 SIM800L components worked perfectly for data processing and interpretation. The system includes a pig house with sensors and fans. SwineGuard Pro, developed through rigorous testing, incorporates temperature, humidity, water, and feed level sensors, strategically deploys mitigation systems, uses a detection algorithm, and features a mobile app for real-time data visualization. SwineGuard Pro successfully mitigated high temperatures, low humidity, high water temperatures, and high gas levels in three trials, ensuring optimal environmental conditions for the well-being of the pig herd. SwineGuard Pro is a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring and mitigating environmental factors in pig farming, integrating sensors, mitigation systems, and a user-friendly mobile app, enhancing productivity and addressing specific challenges.