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Tapai detector is an innovative technology which is easy, cheap and convenience to use. The idea of this project come out as the tapai maker face difficulty to determine the optimum state of tapai to be served to the guest. Tapai beras is a traditional fermented preparation of rice and always be served during Eid in Kelantan. Traditionally, tapai maker prepared it one to two days before Eid. However, there is a problem to determine the optimum state of fermentation of the tapai beras. Usually, the fermentation of tapai might be faster or slower due to temperature. Therefore, the tapai maker might face difficulty to determine the optimum state to serve the tapai. After fermentation, tapai beras (carbohydrate) will turn to glucose and ethanol then some of the ethanol turn to ethanoic acid. Using the concept of electrolysis, tapai detector is being constructed. Electrolysis is a process done by passing through electric (battery) to electrode in an electrolyte. The acid in the tapai will act as electrolyte as it has free moving ion. Needles will act as the electrode. To determine whether the fermentation of tapai beras is complete or not, the needles will be poke into tapai beras, if the fermentation reach the optimum state, the bulb will lights up otherwise, the light will not light up if the fermentation do not reach the optimum state. It is proved that the acid produce can transmit the electricity. Hence, that is how the tapai detector works. As a conclusion, tapai detector promise as a good detector to determine tapai beras at the optimum state of fermentation.