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Focus of study was to test on the quality of our product which is called Soapanic and compare the soap with other paper soap at online shopping that we called as Product X. The test was held two months after our product is ready to use. We can use it as our daily soap that can clean a small dirt on our shirt and clean our hand with a fragrant smell. Usually this process of product would take two days to get ready because we need to dry the paper soluble for one night. The paper is coated with our mixture of soap and scent. We test Soapanic and Product X with three different types of water which is cold, mild and hot. This test was conduct because we want to know the endurance of Soapanic to dissolve in any state. In cold water, Soapanic is quite hard to dissolve but still produce a foam at the end. The paper soap Product X didn’t dissolve in a good way and produce a little foam. In mild water, Soapanic easy to dissolve and produce a foam same like we use a liquid soap. We do recommend and prefer to use Soapanic in this state. The Prodict X dissolve slowly and form a little foam. In hot water, the Soapanic more easy to dissolve but produce a less foam. While Product X dissolve so easily and not produce any foam. In conclusion, we determined that Soapanic can be used in any state but have a different effects. Compare to Product X, their paper soap not produce a lot of foam amd they also didn’t have a good scent like our product.