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The research is to make a fire and water resistant paper by using new organic material. The material used in this project is Ceiba pentandra which is kapok. This product was made to significantly reduce any damage caused by fire to the paper as it can be used as wallpaper and commercialised paper for any essential document. This may reduce the loss of any essential document such as birth certificates, Passports, property records and etc that cause by fire or any other factor. By making this product as wallpaper, this can reduce the chance of the house to get on fire as the wallpaper is resistant to fire. This may also save many life and the environment. The process of making this product is by extracting the kapok fiber into pieces and remove the dust and uwanted particle. The fiber then mix with the reagent to stick up all the fiber together. The fiber lump was pressed to flatten it up to turn into thin slice. The fiber was left to dry under sunlight for 2 hours. The paper was being experimented to study its strength, fire resistivity and water absorbtion. Based on the result, our fire resistant wallpaper cannot be burn easily. It is because of the addition kapok fiber is a heat insulation material as well as a good filling and floating material which can avoid from burning. And the data showed that kapok paper took 9.35 minutes and condition of paper just turned black meanwhile regular paper took only 2 seconds and turned into ash. As for water absorption, kapok paper absorb 25% meanwhile regular paper absorb 80% of water. As for strength of paper kapok paper can hold up until 890 g ,meanwhile regular paper can only hold up until 100 g and tear apart. Conclusively, fire and water resistant paper will give benefits to consumers. Thus, it will also put a leap to the Malaysian economic status successfully. Lastly, we believe our product could mark the end of the worsening pollution.