II339: Urbanite: Smart Streetlighting Solutions

Khoo Keng Suen Universiti Sains Malaysia

MIIX24 | Intermediate Innovator

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Streetlight plays an important role in lighting up the streets during the dark. It provides safety to road users and provides a sense of safety through lighting. Despite that, traffic intensity is not always high, sometimes there might be none during non-peak hours (estimate 1.00 am to 5.00 am). Therefore, electricity consumption had brought about a debate in terms of cost and its impact to the environment. Internet of Things (IoT) and several advancements in technology can help tackle these problems, by providing light necessarily at the right time. This project covers a smart streetlight system actuated by motion detection. The motion of vehicles and pedestrians determines the traffic intensity and defines the operation of the lighting system. The dimming and brightening of the lighting system can help to save energy when traffic intensity is low. As a bonus feature, this project covers a fault detection system, such that the streetlights can be checked and detected for faults. Any faulty streetlights detected will be immediately reported to the authorities through an Blynk IoT via the web dashboard or the mobile app. This project will cover the use of ESP32 microcontroller unit and will utilize its Wi-Fi capability. This project is conducted at the main campus of Universiti Malaysia Perlis, which provides readily placed streetlights and a campus Wi-Fi Internet, suitable for this project. Implementing the streetlight system and algorithm in this project can help to conserve 47.6% of energy usage compared to the conventional streetlight system.