BI363: SonicWave

Muhammad Fahim Rahimi Bin Zamrul Azlan Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor

MIIX24 | Beginner Innovator

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Noise pollution is commonly generated inside many industrial facilities, the highway, railway, and airplane traffic, and outdoor construction activities. Our project's goal is to exploit the power of its environment to transform noise into something useful. Herewith, the team has invented SonicWave. SonicWave is a device that can transform noise into electrical energy. SonicWave turns the soundwave into electricity by using a device that we've created. Economically, this forward-looking invention is very worthwhile to be commercialized in a county that has a high percentage of daily noise exposure like Italy, the United States, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. This device will be placed at traffic lights, malls, schools, and any loud area. The duality of the hybrid system in SonicWave will positively give a necessary boost and advancement in the energy production sector, as SonicWave main goal is to outspread the exploitation of renewable energies fruitfully.