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NamNam Healthy Cupcakes is in the same form as other cupcakes but we put a secret ingredient which is NamNam fruit contains various benefits and can prevent from chronic diseases. The main ingredients in these cupcakes are cake flour, NamNam fruits, milk, eggs, stevia, lemon , dark chocolate and butter. We also used sprinkles for the decorations! With the availability of this food, children are no longer afraid to take medicine. Hence, the cost of purchasing expensive medicine can be avoided! There are approximately 100 cal in 1 cupcake. OBJECTIVE: to help people who want to prevent chronic diseases without wanting to take expensive medicines and taste bad. METHODOLOGY: Break the egg. Seperate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Melt the butter. Put the melted butter in a bowl. Put the milk in the butter. Stir until combined. Sift cake flour. Stir until combined. Add the egg yolks to the mixture. Stir again until well mixed. Put a lemon in half. Squeeze the lemon until it becomes lemon juice. Put the egg whites in another bowl. Put a teaspoon of lemon juice. Put four drops of stevia. Stir a mixture using a mixer. Put the mixture that has been made to the egg white mixed with lemon and stevia. Mix until combined. Cut the namnam fruit. Slice the namnam fruit into small pieces. Put the mixture into the mold then put the namnam fruit into the mixture. Put the mixture in the air fryer and bake for 35 minutes at 130 temperature. After baking, remove the cupcake from the air fryer. Leave the cupcake for a while. After that heat the dark chocolate and pour it on the cupcake, then decorate with sprinkles. RESULTS: the population of people suffering from chronic diseases decreased due to adopting this food gradually. CONCLUSION: NamNam Healthy Cupcakes is a solution for everyone especially for people who cannot afford expensive medicines and for students who want to save money. These cupcakes also help people who didn't want to eat vegetables. I believe, with t