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INTRODUCTION: Medicine Dispenser is an innovation that’s in the form of healthcare and inspired by the “beverages vending machine” that is seen everywhere. This advanced dispenser hold immense potential to revolutionize the delivery of personalized healthcare. This device can analyze medication usage patterns and provide personalized recommendations tailored to individual patient needs. OBJECTIVE: upgrading healthcare innovation. METHODOLOGY: Starts with preparing 6 pieces of cardboard for the body top and base, and prepares some small pieces of cardboard for the interior of the medicines. Next. Wrap all the cardboard with aluminium foil. Attach it all and glue them. Make a mockup for medicines to put in the interior. Later on, attach an old screen phone as the touch screen to tell the symptoms or to choose the drugs. Make a hole that represents the cash machine and another one at the bottom of the machine where the medicines will come out. Put a plastic wrapper in front of the interior section. Lastly, put an Light Emitting Diod (LED) inside of the machine to keep it bright inside. RESULT: This machine will help people to save time. CONCLUSION: This machine will help a lot of people, specifically busy people who are in a rush. This innovation will help us to improve the environment as it’ll avoid gas emissions if this machine is prepared all around the world. It gives a bunch of benefits to humans either nature.