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The research is to make a fire and water-resistant paper by using new organic material. The material used in this project is Areca Catechu (AC) which is a pinang palm. This product was designed to reduce damage caused by fire to the paper as it can be used as wallpaper and commercialized paper for any essential document. This may reduce the loss of any essential document such as birth certificates, Passports, property records and etc. By making this product as wallpaper, it might lessen the likelihood that the house would catch fire. Additionally, this could protect the environment and many lives. The process of making this product is by cutting the areca nut tree frond into small pieces and removing the dust and particle.The add areca nut tree fronds in boiling water and stir it smoothly .Next, add a spoon of baking powder into the water to make the areca nut become soft. Baking powder is working by increasing the volume and lightening the texture of the palm.After that,strain the areca nut and put them into a blender container. Blend the areca nut until the texture turns out smooth.Filter the mixture. Add the mixture into a large basin and add some water. Before you put mixture into the board, make sure you only take the mixture with your hand and squeeze it until there is no water left. Lastly the mixture lump was pressed to flatten it up to turn into a thin slice. The fiber was left to dry under sunlight for a day. The paper was being experimented to determine its strength, fire resistance and water resistance. Based on the result, our fire resistant wallpaper cannot be burned easily. It is because of the addition areca catechu is a heat insulation material as well as a good filling and floating material which can avoid burning. Conclusively, fire resistant paper will give benefits to consumers. Thus, it will also put a leap to the Malaysian economic status successfully. Lastly, we believe our product, ACFW Resistant Paper could mark the end of the pollutions.