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The research is to make an environmental friendly fertiliser using organic material. The materials used are onion (Allium cepa.L) skin, Coffea, eggshells and tomato (Solanum Lycoperscium) which contain the three significant elements Nitrogen (Coffea), Phosphorus (onion) and Potassium (tomato) needed by plant. Nowadays, farmers are struggling with the aftermath of the use chemical fertiliser towards the environment. This product was created to reduce the release of greenhouse gasses which will decrease the risk of climate change. This product is low in cost since the materials used are mostly home based. NPK Nenda’s Formula has the ability to maintain soil fertility as it doesn’t have chemicals that can change the pH of soil. Additionally, it can lessen the likelihood of excessive use of fertiliser which can lead to water pollution. Moreover, this product makes the soil suitable for long term agricultural production. The process of making this product starts with drying coffee residue and tomato in the oven. Then, wash the egg shell and let it dry. After that, blend the egg shell and onion skin. Next, cut the dried tomato into smaller pieces. Finally, mix all the ingredients together using the ratio of 4:2:1 (NPK ratio). According to the investigation made, Nenda’s Formula can replace the regular fertiliser in market since it shows better growth of plant besides preserving the environment because all the materials used makes the fertiliser an organic NPK fertiliser. In conclusion, we believe our product, Nenda’s Formula put an end to environmental problems caused by agriculture.