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Nypa(Arecaceae), sourced from the Nypa fruticans palm, emerges as a sustainable biomass energy solution, addressing climate concerns and promoting community development. This study aims to underscore the significance of Nypa charcoal, with objectives focused on exploring its characteristics, production processes, and applications. The purpose is to evaluate its potential in mitigating climate change while fostering socio-economic growth, with added emphasis on its higher energy value and extended burning time. Methodologies encompass the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of Nypa fruticans for charcoal production, considering optimal growth conditions, harvesting techniques, and carbonization methods. Economic analyses and market assessments gauge the feasibility of Nypa charcoal, considering its enhanced energy value and prolonged burning time. Highlighting the superior energy value and extended burning time of Nypa charcoal with visual aids such as tables enhance the presentation of these key benefits. The discussion interprets results, emphasizing the environmental benefits, economic feasibility, and unique advantages of Nypa charcoal, including its higher energy value and longer burning time. The conclusion succinctly summarizes findings, underscoring Nypa fruticans' potential as a renewable resource for charcoal production, contributing to a sustainable and resilient energy future.