II418: Nature-Inspired Light Wind Energy Harvester Using Piezoelectric Film

Khairatul Najah Rafie Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

MIIX24 | Intermediate Innovator

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This study presents an innovative approach to harnessing wind energy in Malaysia, where conventional wind farms are unfeasible due to low wind speeds. Instead, it proposes using slow intermittent wind flow to power small devices like sensors. By integrating nature-inspired design and piezoelectric materials, a small wind energy harvesting device was developed, capable of generating 0.15V at a wind speed of 3 m/s. Through experimentation with various leaf-like cantilevers, the optimal shape was identified. This multidisciplinary approach aims to address limitations of battery-powered sensors, offering sustainable power sources. It suggests that nature-inspired wind energy harvesting systems could revolutionize sensor technology, contributing to a more environmentally conscious future. Further research in this area could significantly enhance sustainability efforts.